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HAM Radio on MOMO

Jutta: DL1HXB, KB1HXB and VA3HXB
(others are collecting QSL cards, we are collecting call signs, hi!)

When we bought MOMO in 1997 there was already a radio station installed :

a Kenwood TS50s with a antenna tuner AT50 as a short wave radio set-up.
We used as an antenna a inverted V: a wire from the top of the mast to the back of MOMO (it is still in use).

Since 2001 we are also working with a pactor modem: a PTC IIe from SCS.
We used this first for e-mail contacts via Sailmail.

Jutta on the radio

In spring 2001 Jutta wrote in the US Virgin Islands her test for the US HAM licence and since this time you can hear her as KB1HXB.
We can receive mails direct using Pactor and Winlink via Ham-radio on our boat (see also the homepage of Winlink).
With this system we also send out our actual position report (see position).

During a visit in Germany in winter 2002/2003 we met for the first time many of the "voices" from our home HAM club in Hersbruck B12 .
We also discovered VHF and UHF and use for this now a handheld: a Kenwood TH-78e.

And Jutta uses now also a German call: DL1HXB

In summer 2003 we changed a lot on the radios on MOMO.
Our new radio, a FT-857 from Yaesu, works not only on short wave (also 6m/2m/70cm), so we  had to change something on our antennas.

For 2m/70cm we use on the top of the mast (about 14m above water level) a Diamond NR-770-H.
Besides a VHF antenna for the marine radio and all the other for sailing needed equipment (lights and wind instruments)!

For short wave we are using now a 10m long wire which we wrapped around a 9m long fishing rod. And as an antenna tuner, directly under it, we use a Smarttuner SG237 from SGC.

That's now all mounted on the back of MOMO, so far away of mast and stays.
our fishing rod antenna

For direct receiving of some of the weather satellites we equipped MOMO with a receiver (R2FX) and for this we need, of course, two other antennas.
So did Heiko a new board for all the different antennas and radios and we can now easy switch between all our antennas and use the best one.

our navi and radio corner

During winter 2003/2004 we visited both, on our winter place" in Canada, a HAM course (Thanks Peter!).
So Heiko has now also a call: VE3SYM and also DO3SYM.
And Jutta can be heard also as VA3HXB.

In April 2008 we installed a ICOM IC-7000 which is connected via a AH-4 tuner to a wire wrapped around a fishing pole.
We use the Yaesu FT-857 and the SGC tuner now on a wire antenna coming down from the masttop to the back of MOMO. This unit is now mostly used to receive weather and for all other digital modes like Pactor and APRS.

Kartentisch 2012

In 2015 we did some changes in our radio shack:
We bought a second hand Kenwood TM-D710 to have more fun with APRS!
To get some space for it we had to remove our Yaesu FT-857.
And install another 2m/70cm antenne: we can switch now between two Diamond NR-770 (on the masttop and at the back of MOMO) and a Comet SB0 on the portside spreader.
For our ICOM IC-7000 we can switch between an 8m fishing pole at the back (7,5m wire with ICOM AH4)
or a longwire antenne from masttop to the back (with SGC-SG237).

Only once a year, during Lighthouseweekend ILLW in August, we use our 12m fishing pole (about 13,5 wire), it is not stiff enough for "normal use"!

Kartentisch 2015

Sked times

We try nearly every day to be in contact with some stations in our hometown Hersbruck in Germany.
We meet our friends around 06:00 UTC and 19:45 UTC on 80m and/or 40m.
During our time in the Baltic we are most times to close for the German Maritime Mobile Net  INTERMAR,
which is nearly every day starting around 16:30 UTC on 14.313 kHz.

Once in a while we use Echolink and try to connect to the station of our club DB0EH-L, Node number:22580

We are listening for your contacts!

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