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Position Report

Attention: New SSID

Callsign-SSID Position via
DL1HXB Overnight stops of SY MOMO Winlink
DL1HXB-8 Sailing route of SY MOMO APRS
DL1HXB-7 Land trips of Jutta and Heiko APRS
DL1HXB-15 DMR, walkie talkies APRS
DL1HXB-1 At home APRS

Map with Winlink positions

goldb2.gif Sailing-Positions of last 7 days on one map

goldb2.gif All-Positions of last 7 days on one map

List with different links to position pages

APRS.FI Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link - Link Link Link Link Link - Link Link Link Link Link -
Winlink Link - - - - - Link - - - - -
Marinetraffic - - - - - Link

How does this work?

Position via Winlink:

we can send and receive e-mail directly on board. We accomplish this by connecting our laptop via a Pactor modem to our HAM/SSB radio. Various Amateur Radio Stations (MBOs) around the world offer to be the link to the Internet and after connecting to them we receive e-mail direct onto our laptop and can also send out new e-mail.
It works all on the frequencies of Amateur Radio. We use for this Juttas HAM call sign DL1HXB.
The system is called Winlink2000.
It also allows us to send out our actual GPS position and Winlink posts these positions on different maps in the Internet.

We make it a habit to report our position upon arrival on a new anchorage or harbour.
If the last reporting date is a few days old it means that we like this place and are exploring the surrounding ;-)

We want to thank all the HAMs of Airmail and Winlink2000 which make these fantastic things possible.

Position via APRS:

another possibility to see our position in the internet using HAM radio is APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System).
It works mostly on VHF frequencies, so only possible in sight of land stations.
Here we send more often (a few times per hour) our position, which again can be seen on a map.
We use the same system on HF for the offshore passages, so you can see our progress.

Position via AIS:

In 2011 we upgraded to an AIS-Transmitter: a easyTRX2 developed by
There is now also the possibility to see MOMO via this.
AIS works on two different VHF frequencies. All commercial ships and most ferries send out their position, direction and speed and also their name and MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity).
Our MMSI is 211239040
In some areas these signals are received from land based stations and put in the Internet.
So it is quite easy to see some "Live" ship movements. To see MOMO you can go to

Additional we can also save all data we send and receive. So we have now afterwards a chance to show our exact route on a map, for example Route 2011.

You can write us also an e-mail and ask where we are and how we are doing. And tell us how YOU are!

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